Ramsa company

Ramsa is a privately owned healthcare, pharmaceuticals, beauty and medical supplies business.
It was founded in 2003 and since then has established itself as a leading player in the Libyan market.
Ramsa hasa modern infrastructure and distribution platform supported by 42 staff, 3 warehouses, 5 branches and a fleet of vehicles. Ramsa’s success is linked to its highly successful sales & marketing team that supply
products through their nationwide distribution network.


To be One of the largest pharmaceuticals distributor representing multinational pharmaceuticals, dietetics, cosmetic companies nationwide.

Scope of Activities

Ramsa would like to act as distributor for several multinational manufactures of pharmaceuticals, diet, and cosmetic products in Libya . It has a nationwide distribution network of pharmacies covering all major cities in Libya as well as extensive and high level contacts within the Ministry of Health, major hospitals and other medical institutions.


We strive to provide the Local market with the highest quality branded Pharmaceuticals, Cosmetics, and medical supplies as well as achieving customer satisfaction.

Our Values

Fairness, honesty, responsibility, faith and respect for others are the core values that
Ramsa aims to operate by.

Customer focus

We value our customers, recognize their importance to the success of our organization and as a result we work hard to satisfy their requirements.

Team work & co-operation

Our people are an important asset. We strive to encourage teamwork and cooperation amongst our staff to develop their skills. This provides our clients and suppliers with a better experience and ensures we work together for the benefit of the business rather than the individual.


Technology is an important component of our business. We ensure that we stay abreast of the latest technological developments and apply these to Ramsa where appropriate.

Performance and assessment

We evaluate our performance with regularity and where necessary we will make adjustments. This is key to ensuring customer satisfaction as well as establishing that our business and strategic plans are being met.

Business Strategy


supply the highest  quality product

Ramsa has a highly effective and efficient distribution system. It aims to provide the Libyan market with the highest quality branded pharmaceuticals, diagnostic,and cosmetic products.


Develop, train and retain the best people

We aim to create a corporate culture that encourages innovation, creativity and retains the best talent. The development of our people is of significant importance to us and as a result we look to invest significantly in the development of our various teams and in particular our sales & marketing people.


Distributor and agent of choice in the Libyan market

Rasma is well placed to support multinational businesses looking to enter the Libyan market. Its history in Libya combined with its strong network and contacts will ensure that foreign companies are provided with the best platform possible to generate sales from the region.


Best in class distribution, coverage and marketing

Ramsa has a large network of outlets and display areas in the form of its networked pharmacies. These are located throughout Libya’s major cities. In addition, its vehicle fleet allows it to offer door to door delivery which is increasingly aimed at offering a simple supply solution for local customers.

Contact Us

landline : +218-21-350-4495
Mobile : +218–91–6792805


16 st branch of 20 Ramadan road, Soug aljomaa

Tripoli – Libya

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